Commercial industrial estate / Warehouse for rent

(between Cologne and Düsseldorf / Neuss next to BAB highway A57, trainstation line S11 nearby)


We rent commercial industrial estate / warehouse space in Dormagen from 80 m² - 22.000 m² + open area space up to 22.000 m².

If our offer meets your interest, contact us.

There is no space available at the moment. If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact us!


Some facts

- 50 t swage for lorries

- CCTV and security service

- fenced in and fastened surface for lorry and forklifts

- solid constructed real estate

- truck gates on ground level, mobile ramps for (un) loading lorries with forklifts are available

- hall floor for forklift and truck usage

- 90 % LED lighting, compliant to german "ASR 7/3" (>50 Lux)

- every hall has own electrical unit (light, 16A CEE, 32 A CEE and power meter)

- height of 5 - 7,80 m (16,4 - 25,5 ft)

- more than 5 % light plates in roofs

- 90 % of the roofs are isolated with sandwich panels (last in 2018)

- internet broadband available via glass fiber or mobile connection (both available up to 1 GB/s)

- free WIFI for customers available

- fire detection system (fire department connection) and smoke extraction system

- railroad connection

- dewatering canals and water rights renewed in 2015

- valid "fire protection plan" (Brandschutzkonzept)

- 24 h working is possible in this area

- sanitary-, social- and bureau-facilities available

- continuous maintenance of all required facilities (gates, fire detectors, fire extinguisher, electrical parts ...)

- diesel & gas station on ground availbale



- Dormagen is located between Cologne and Dusseldorf / Neuss

- highway BAB A57 connection "Dormagen" in 4 km (via L380)

- railway stop "Nievenheim" is a 10 minute walk away (S11 between Cologne and Neuss / Düsseldorf stops here)

- "Chempark Dormagen" in 7 km (via L380, K18)



Prices from 2,50 € / m² (including all additional costs, except electricity and water)


Contact us for more information and availability